Employment contract digital signature: try out Yousign

Find out how to sign your work contracts online using the Yousign electronic signature app.

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Revolutionising recruitment processes

  • Simplified contract processing

    Save your teams from paper and processing costs, stock work contracts online in a digital format.

  • Scoop up fresh talent quickly

    Speed up recruitment by inviting future recruits to sign their employment contract remotely, using any device, without a complicated registration process.

  • Makes on-boarding easy from day one

    Allows you to focus on welcoming new people. Sign all HR documents before the first day of employment.

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Work contract
digital signature

Sign your employment contracts online, upload them on a certified app, select the signatories, click on ‘send’ and collect the electronic signatures on your work contracts.

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Offer your recruits
legal protection

All employment contracts signed using Yousign conform with eIDAS regulations and a timestamped file of the contracts is systematically generated to protect your agreement.

Employment contract digital signatures with Yousign

Using the Yousign app, you can expand your team quickly by simplifying your on-boarding processes.

Features designed with the modern recruiter in mind:

  • Remote electronic signature

    Invite candidates to sign online using any device

  • Real-time tracking

    Keep an eye on pending signature requests using the dashboard

  • Automatic messages

    Send reminders so that your work contracts are always signed by the statutory deadline

  • Confidentiality guarantee

    Stock signed contracts in a digital format using a French eIDAS-certified app that conforms with the RGPD

Employment contract electronic signature

Automate employment contract digital signatures by integrating Yousign into your HRIS tool and your payroll software.

« We’ve already achieved our “zero paper” objective. Today, 100% of our employment contracts are signed online using Yousign. »


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