Electronic signature book:
Sign all of your documents in just one click

Sign all of your documents online: discover Yousign, the legal electronic signature app, that can be easily used on all types of contracts.

Reinventing signature books

The electronic signature book replaces your traditional forms. By adding an electronic signature to all of your documents, it not only digitalises decision making processes, but speeds them up too.

  • Speed up decision making processes

    No need to send your forms from one service to another, each signatory can access the documents. You can sign simultaneously or sign following an automated workflow.

  • Sign all of your documents in just one click

    Look at all of the contracts you have to sign and sign them all at once, using the security code sent to your phone.

  • Track validation stages online

    Directly access the different signature stages of your documents from your computer or phone. See who signed or validated each of your documents.

List of contracts waiting for signature

The electronic signature book:
how does it work?

The digital signature book is a simple tool that is directly integrated with your electronic signature solution. It allows you to view, validate and sign your documents in just a few clicks.

Login to the Yousign electronic signature app

Connection to the eSignature application

Choose the lists of documents that you would like to sign

List of the documents in the eSignature book

View all of the documents in full

Documents view

Click on sign and then enter the security code sent to your phone

All of your documents are now signed!

Documents electronic signatures

Simple tools to make your life easier

Yousign services offer several functions, specifically designed to simplify your administrative processes and work life.

  • Sign using any device

    Yousign digital signature app allows you to view and sign your documents from wherever, using your chosen mobile device or favourite web browser.

  • Integrate the electronic signature book with your tools

    The Yousign API allows you to easily integrate the electronic signature features with your CRM, ERP, website…

  • Enjoy using a legally recognised signature

    Yousign is certified at a European level. Our services offer you a high level of security for your transactions and a real legal value.

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